Core Competency

MRDWILSON Limited Corp is a minority owned and operated company that has provided Complete Graphic Design, Brand Identity, and Print Solutions for large and small businesses throughout the United States and Canada for the past 15+ years. We specialize in high quality designs and a unique ability to capture an audience. Our goal is to create a one stop shop to assist companies in becoming more effcient.


MRDWILSON Limited Corp is unique due to the entrepreneurial and teaching experiences of our ownership.

Whether it’s educational, business related, nightlife, retail, or promotional campaigns for Print, Television, and radio we can create a look or marketing plan that will be unique and powerful. Our vast experience allows us the ability to work within any budget and not sacrfice quality.

Our consulting services specialize in creating campaigns to increase revenue and raise sponsorship dollars.

Experts In Print, Marketing, & Design


With a eye for design and a talent to make ideas come to life, Mrdwilson Limited Corp is your resource for Brand Building.

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